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League of Legends is a F2P PC game, offering ingame items such as skins to modify the look of players and items ingame. Many players ask how to get free rp, and free skins as skins such as Infernal Nasus, Spirit Guard Udyr and Final Boss Veigar can cost over 3000 riot points - costing the player of the game a lot of money. I will show you how to get free riot points below… No I’m not kidding!

I've looked into Free RP before, and I've read it's not true?

Quite simply, it’s in Riots best interest to prevent people from obtaining free riot points and free skins. Their game is free to play, with the majority of their income coming from ingame purchases such as Riot Points – there are over 100 Million active monthly players! So when people ask us about Free Riot Points, most people reiterate what they have heard from Riot Games without trying it for themselves. As our riot points generator is free, why not give it a try? You can always Contact Us, read our blog or hear it from one of our customers:

I've been using Direct League everyday for 3 weeks, and I love it. I've already got my favourite skins, Infernal Nasus, Full Metal Rammus and Spirit Guard Udyr. Being able to get free Riot Points gives League of Legends a breath of fresh air for me. Thanks again guys!

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What can I get with League of Legends free Riot Points?

  • Champions: With your free rp you can unlock champions. As of 12th July 2017, there are 137 champions – making it extremely difficult to unlock with Influence Points alone. Take a well deserved shortcut with Riot Points straight to your favourite champions.
  • Champion and Item Skins: A great feature in League of Legends is champion skins. They allow you to change the appearance of champions, with a brand new set of emotes to give a breath of fresh air to the game. Items such as wards also have skins, such as the Sad Mummy Ward, Armordillo Ward and the Utf Triumphant Ward.
  • Hextech Chests and Keys: A recent addition to League of Legends is Hextech crafting – allowing players to unlock randomised ingame content. Keys are earned by winning games, with the option to buy keys and chests using RP. If you’re feeling lucky, you can use your free rp earned here to buy chests and keys.
  • IP and EXP Boost: Buy double IP and EXP boosts using our Free Riot Points generator, to unlock ingame champions and levels faster. Especially useful for smurf accounts to reach level 30 as quick as possible!

Okay, how do I get started?

To get your favourite free lol skins, click here to use our generator. Once the page loads, you will see a box labeled “Enter your League of Legends Summoner Name”. Enter your own or friends ingame league name, and select the region that your account is related to. After waiting a second or two, you will see the result of your last 4 games, just to confirm this is your account. Click “Continue” and a slider will appear, this will represent the amount of Riot Points to be applied to your account.

Typically, I slide the bar all the way to 1500 Riot Points, but you can choose as little or many as you like. Once you have completed this step, press the button labeled “Generate”. This process typically takes 30 seconds, sometimes longer when we experience high traffic, due to the popularity of our service.

You can use our chat feature while you wait, and chat with other excited League of Legends players. A box will appear to verify that you are human, and by clicking you promise you're NOT a representative of Riot Games or League of Legends. Press thr button labeled “Verify” and follow the onscreen instructions. This process typically takes 30 seconds and is very straightforward to complete.

League of Legends Skins

Benefits of using a League of Legends generator

  • No cost: Don’t fall for other peoples generators that trick you to buy products, or download malicious software. We offer a completely free service, to get the points you need.
  • Simple: The whole process will take no more than 2 minutes, with clear instructions onscreen. We have spent a long time developing this (over 1 year), to give you the best user experience.
  • It works too! Our service actually works. One unique point about our service is it delivers time and time again, whilst also being completely legal. You will face no legal problems using our service, nor will your account be at any risk from hacking or bans. You can read more about Riot Points via our blog.

Champion Skins

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, it can be difficult to decide what to buy first. Below we have the most up to date table with the cost of each skin. Fun fact: there's 152 skins listed below, and using our tool you can choose any skin you like (as long as they're available for sale). Some of the champion skins listed below are seasonal, or only for sale on special occasions.

Skin NameRP Cost
Justicar Aatrox975
Mecha Aatrox1350
Sea Hunter Aatrox750
Midnight Ahri750
Dynasty Ahri975
Foxfire Ahri975
Popstar Ahri975
Academy Ahri750
Arcade Ahri1350
Star Guardian Ahri1820
Nurse Akali975
Blood Moon Akali975
Silverfang Akali975
Headhunter Akali1350
Sashimi Akali750
Golden Alistar390
Infernal Alistar975
Marauder Alistar750
Moo Cow Alistar975
Sad Robot Amumu1350
Little Knight Amumu750
Surprise Party Amumu1350
Bird of Prey Anivia520
Blackfrost Anivia1820
Prehistoric Anivia750
Festival Queen Anivia975
Reverse Annie975
Frostfire Annie975
Panda Annie975
Hextech Annie 10
Super Galaxy Annie1350
Sherwood Forest Ashe520
Woad Ashe520
Amethyst Ashe975
Marauder Ashe750
PROJECT: Ashe1820
Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol1350
Galactic Azir975
Gravelord Azir1350
Elderwood Bard975
Snow Day Bard1350
Bard Bard750
Boom Boom Blitzcrank520
Piltover Customs Blitzcrank1350
Battle Boss Blitzcrank1350
Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank1350
Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank1350
Apocalyptic Brand750
Cryocore Brand975
Spirit Fire Brand1350
Battle Boss Brand1350
Dragonslayer Braum975
El Tigre Braum1350
Braum Lionheart750
Resistance Caitlyn520
Arctic Warfare Caitlyn750
Officer Caitlyn975
Headhunter Caitlyn975
Pulsefire Caitlyn1820
Program Camille1350
Desperada Cassiopeia520
Siren Cassiopeia520
Mythic Cassiopeia975
Jade Fang Cassiopeia975
Eternum Cassiopeia1350
Gentleman Cho'Gath1820
Jurassic Cho'Gath975
Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath1820
Prehistoric Cho'Gath750
Urfrider Corki975
Dragonwing Corki975
Arcade Corki1350
Lord Darius975
Bioforge Darius975
Woad King Darius975
Dunkmaster Darius1820
Academy Darius750
Dreadnova Darius 10
Dark Valkyrie Diana975
Lunar Goddess Diana975
Infernal Diana1350
Blood Moon Diana1350
Corporate Mundo1820
Rageborn Mundo975
Pool Party Mundo975
El Macho Mundo1350
Soul Reaver Draven1350
Gladiator Draven975
Primetime Draven975
Pool Party Draven975
Beast Hunter Draven750
Sandstorm Ekko975
Academy Ekko750
PROJECT: Ekko1350
Death Blossom Elise975
Blood Moon Elise975
Super Galaxy Elise1350
Tango Evelynn520
Shadow Evelynn520
Safecracker Evelynn750
Frosted Ezreal520
Pulsefire Ezreal3250
Debonair Ezreal750
Ace of Spades Ezreal750
Arcade Ezreal1350
Star Guardian Ezreal1350
Spectral Fiddlesticks520
Bandito Fiddlesticks520
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks975
Risen Fiddlesticks1350
Nightraven Fiora750
Royal Guard Fiora520
PROJECT: Fiora1350
Pool Party Fiora1350
Soaring Sword Fiora1350
Atlantean Fizz520
Tundra Fizz750
Fisherman Fizz975
Void Fizz1350
Cottontail Fizz975
Super Galaxy Fizz1350
Omega Squad Fizz1350
Commando Galio520
Enchanted Galio520
Gatekeeper Galio1820
Debonair Galio750
Spooky Gangplank520
Minuteman Gangplank520
Special Forces Gangplank975
Sultan Gangplank975
Captain Gangplank975
Dreadnova Gangplank1350
Steel Legion Garen1350
Commando Garen520
Rugged Garen750
Dreadknight Garen975
Rogue Admiral Garen750
Dino Gnar975
Gentleman Gnar975
El León Gnar750
Super Galaxy Gnar1350
Hillbilly Gragas520
Gragas, Esq.975
Oktoberfest Gragas975
Gragas Caskbreaker750
Arctic Ops Gragas1350
Hired Gun Graves520
Mafia Graves975
Pool Party Graves1350
Cutthroat Graves750
Reaper Hecarim975
Arcade Hecarim1350
Elderwood Hecarim1350
Worldbreaker Hecarim750
Lancer Zero Hecarim 10
Blast Zone Heimerdinger520
Piltover Customs Heimerdinger975
Hazmat Heimerdinger975
Void Bringer Illaoi1350
Aviator Irelia520
Frostblade Irelia975
Nightblade Irelia520
Order of the Lotus Irelia750
Candy King Ivern1350
Frost Queen Janna975
Forecast Janna1820
Star Guardian Janna1350
Sacred Sword Janna1350
Dragonslayer Jarvan IV750
Commando Jarvan IV520
Darkforge Jarvan IV975
Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV1350
Temple Jax750
Nemesis Jax975
Warden Jax750
God Staff Jax1350
Full Metal Jayce1350
Debonair Jayce975
Forsaken Jayce1350
Jayce Brighthammer750
High Noon Jhin1350
Blood Moon Jhin1350
PROJECT: Jhin1350
Mafia Jinx975
Firecracker Jinx1350
Star Guardian Jinx1820
Blood Moon Kalista975
Sakura Karma520
Order of the Lotus Karma975
Warden Karma750
Statue of Karthus520
Pentakill Karthus750
Grim Reaper Karthus975
Karthus Lightsbane975
Pre-Void Kassadin520
Harbinger Kassadin975
Cosmic Reaver Kassadin1350
High Command Katarina750
Mercenary Katarina520
Sandstorm Katarina975
Warring Kingdoms Katarina975
PROJECT: Katarina1350
Viridian Kayle520
Battleborn Kayle975
Aether Wing Kayle1820
Iron Inquisitor Kayle750
Pentakill Kayle1350
Soulhunter Kayn1350
Karate Kennen520
Kennen M.D.975
Arctic Ops Kennen975
Blood Moon Kennen975
Super Kennen750
Mecha Kha'Zix1350
Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix975
Death Blossom Kha'Zix975
Dark Star Kha'Zix1350
Shadowfire Kindred1350
Super Galaxy Kindred1350
Sir Kled975
Monarch Kog'Maw520
Lion Dance Kog'Maw1350
Jurassic Kog'Maw975
Battlecast Kog'Maw1350
Hextech Kog'Maw 10
Wicked LeBlanc750
Prestigious LeBlanc520
Elderwood LeBlanc1350
Acolyte Lee Sin750
Traditional Lee Sin520
Dragon Fist Lee Sin975
Muay Thai Lee Sin975
Pool Party Lee Sin975
Knockout Lee Sin1350
God Fist Lee Sin1820
Valkyrie Leona520
Iron Solari Leona975
Pool Party Leona975
PROJECT: Leona1350
Barbecue Leona750
Bloodstone Lissandra975
Blade Queen Lissandra1350
Program Lissandra1350
Hired Gun Lucian975
PROJECT: Lucian1350
Wicked Lulu975
Dragon Trainer Lulu1350
Pool Party Lulu1350
Star Guardian Lulu1350
Spellthief Lux750
Commando Lux520
Sorceress Lux520
Steel Legion Lux975
Star Guardian Lux1350
Elementalist Lux3250
Glacial Malphite1350
Mecha Malphite1350
Ironside Malphite975
Djinn Malzahar520
Shadow Prince Malzahar520
Overlord Malzahar975
Battle Boss Malzahar1350
Charred Maokai975
Totemic Maokai520
Chosen Master Yi520
Assassin Master Yi390
Ionia Master Yi975
Samurai Yi520
Headhunter Master Yi975
Cosmic Blade Master Yi1350
Eternal Sword Yi1350
Cowgirl Miss Fortune750
Waterloo Miss Fortune520
Mafia Miss Fortune975
Arcade Miss Fortune1350
Captain Fortune975
Pool Party Miss Fortune1350
Star Guardian Miss Fortune1350
Infernal Mordekaiser520
Pentakill Mordekaiser975
Lord Mordekaiser975
King of Clubs Mordekaiser750
Blackthorn Morgana1350
Blade Mistress Morgana750
Ghost Bride Morgana975
Koi Nami975
River Spirit Nami975
Urf the Nami-tee750
Deep Sea Nami1350
Pharaoh Nasus520
Galactic Nasus520
Dreadknight Nasus975
Infernal Nasus1820
Archduke Nasus750
Worldbreaker Nasus750
Abyssal Nautilus975
Subterranean Nautilus975
Warden Nautilus750
Worldbreaker Nautilus750
Pharaoh Nidalee520
French Maid Nidalee520
Headhunter Nidalee975
Warring Kingdoms Nidalee975
Super Galaxy Nidalee1350
Frozen Terror Nocturne975
Ravager Nocturne520
Eternum Nocturne1820
Cursed Revenant Nocturne750
Grungy Nunu750
Nunu Bot1820
Demolisher Nunu975
Pentakill Olaf975
Marauder Olaf750
Butcher Olaf750
Gothic Orianna520
Sewn Chaos Orianna520
Bladecraft Orianna975
Dark Star Orianna1350
Thunder Lord Ornn1350
Myrmidon Pantheon520
Full Metal Pantheon975
Dragonslayer Pantheon1350
Baker Pantheon975
Battle Regalia Poppy520
Scarlet Hammer Poppy975
Star Guardian Poppy1350
Phoenix Quinn975
Woad Scout Quinn975
Corsair Quinn750
Cosmic Dawn Rakan1350
Chrome Rammus750
Freljord Rammus520
Full Metal Rammus975
Guardian of the Sands Rammus975
Eternum Rek'Sai1350
Pool Party Rek'Sai1350
Bloodfury Renekton975
Pool Party Renekton975
Scorched Earth Renekton975
Prehistoric Renekton750
Headhunter Rengar975
Night Hunter Rengar975
Mecha Rengar1350
Crimson Elite Riven520
Redeemed Riven975
Battle Bunny Riven975
Arcade Riven1350
Dawnbringer Riven1820
Rumble in the Jungle975
Super Galaxy Rumble1820
Uncle Ryze520
Dark Crystal Ryze975
Ryze Whitebeard750
Darkrider Sejuani975
Bear Cavalry Sejuani1350
Beast Hunter Sejuani750
Sejuani Dawnchaser750
Mad Hatter Shaco520
Royal Shaco520
Asylum Shaco975
Masked Shaco975
Wild Card Shaco750
Blood Moon Shen750
Surgeon Shen975
Warlord Shen975
Boneclaw Shyvana520
Ironscale Shyvana750
Darkflame Shyvana975
Ice Drake Shyvana975
Super Galaxy Shyvana1350
Surfer Singed975
Augmented Singed975
Black Scourge Singed750
Beekeeper Singed1350
Barbarian Sion750
Lumberjack Sion520
Warmonger Sion975
Mecha Zero Sion1820
Warrior Princess Sivir520
Bandit Sivir750
Warden Sivir750
Earthrune Skarner520
Sandscourge Skarner975
Battlecast Alpha Skarner1820
Guardian of the Sands Skarner975
Arcade Sona1350
Pentakill Sona975
Guqin Sona975
DJ Sona3250
Dryad Soraka520
Divine Soraka975
Celestine Soraka975
Order of the Banana Soraka750
Program Soraka1350
Star Guardian Soraka1350
Tyrant Swain1350
Bilgewater Swain520
Northern Front Swain750
Justicar Syndra975
Atlantean Syndra975
Queen of Diamonds Syndra750
Star Guardian Syndra1350
Master Chef Tahm Kench975
Urf Kench750
Freljord Taliyah1350
Crimson Elite Talon750
Renegade Talon520
Dragonblade Talon975
Blood Moon Talon1350
Armor of the Fifth Age Taric750
Bloodstone Taric975
Pool Party Taric1350
Astronaut Teemo1350
Cottontail Teemo975
Super Teemo975
Panda Teemo975
Omega Squad Teemo1820
Deep Terror Thresh975
Blood Moon Thresh975
Dark Star Thresh1820
Buccaneer Tristana520
Rocket Girl Tristana975
Dragon Trainer Tristana1820
Omega Squad Tristana1350
Junkyard Trundle750
Lil' Slugger Trundle520
Constable Trundle750
Worldbreaker Trundle750
King Tryndamere520
Demonblade Tryndamere1820
Sultan Tryndamere975
Nightmare Tryndamere750
Beast Hunter Tryndamere750
Chemtech Tryndamere975
Tango Twisted Fate520
Musketeer Twisted Fate750
Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate520
High Noon Twisted Fate975
Cutpurse Twisted Fate750
Blood Moon Twisted Fate1350
Gangster Twitch975
Pickpocket Twitch750
Omega Squad Twitch1350
Black Belt Udyr520
Spirit Guard Udyr3250
Definitely Not Udyr750
Battlecast Urgot1350
Giant Enemy Crabgot520
Blight Crystal Varus975
Arclight Varus975
Arctic Ops Varus1350
Varus Swiftbolt750
Dark Star Varus1350
Aristocrat Vayne520
Dragonslayer Vayne975
Arclight Vayne975
Soulstealer Vayne 10
PROJECT: Vayne1820
Veigar Greybeard750
White Mage Veigar390
Leprechaun Veigar520
Superb Villain Veigar975
Final Boss Veigar1820
Omega Squad Veigar1350
Battlecast Vel'Koz1350
Arclight Vel'Koz1350
Definitely Not Vel'Koz750
Neon Strike Vi975
Officer Vi975
Debonair Vi750
Demon Vi1350
Full Machine Viktor975
Creator Viktor1350
Marquis Vladimir520
Blood Lord Vladimir1820
Soulstealer Vladimir1350
Academy Vladimir750
Thunder Lord Volibear520
Runeguard Volibear975
Captain Volibear750
El Rayo Volibear750
Tundra Hunter Warwick520
Firefang Warwick975
Hyena Warwick975
Marauder Warwick750
General Wukong750
Volcanic Wukong975
Jade Dragon Wukong975
Radiant Wukong1350
Cosmic Dusk Xayah1350
Scorched Earth Xerath1350
Runeborn Xerath750
Battlecast Xerath520
Guardian of the Sands Xerath1350
Commando Xin Zhao520
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao1350
Secret Agent Xin Zhao975
Dragonslayer Xin Zhao1350
High Noon Yasuo975
PROJECT: Yasuo1350
Blood Moon Yasuo975
Nightbringer Yasuo1820
Undertaker Yorick520
Pentakill Yorick975
Arclight Yorick1350
Special Weapon Zac975
Pool Party Zac1350
Shockblade Zed975
PROJECT: Zed1350
Pool Party Ziggs1350
Mad Scientist Ziggs975
Master Arcanist Ziggs1350
Battle Boss Ziggs1350
Groovy Zilean520
Shurima Desert Zilean975
Blood Moon Zilean975
Cyber Pop Zoe1350
Wildfire Zyra975
Haunted Zyra1350
Dragon Sorceress Zyra1350


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