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League of Legends is a F2P PC game, offering ingame items such as skins to modify the look of players and items ingame. Many players ask how to get free rp, and free skins as skins such as Infernal Nasus, Spirit Guard Udyr and Final Boss Veigar can cost over 3000 riot points - costing the player of the game a lot of money. I will show you how to get free riot points below… No I’m not kidding!

I've looked into Free RP before, and I've read it's not true?

Quite simply, it’s in Riots best interest to prevent people from obtaining free riot points and free skins. Their game is free to play, with the majority of their income coming from ingame purchases such as Riot Points – there are over 100 Million active monthly players! So when people ask us about Free Riot Points, most people reiterate what they have heard from Riot Games without trying it for themselves. As our riot points generator is free, why not give it a try? You can always Contact Us - or hear it from one of our customers:

I've been using Direct League everyday for 3 weeks, and I love it. I've already got my favourite skins, Infernal Nasus, Full Metal Rammus and Spirit Guard Udyr. Being able to get free Riot Points gives League of Legends a breath of fresh air for me. Thanks again guys!

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What can I get with League of Legends free Riot Points?

  • Champions: With your free rp you can unlock champions. As of 12th July 2017, there are 137 champions – making it extremely difficult to unlock with Influence Points alone. Take a well deserved shortcut with Riot Points straight to your favourite champions.
  • Champion and Item Skins: A great feature in League of Legends is champion skins. They allow you to change the appearance of champions, with a brand new set of emotes to give a breath of fresh air to the game. Items such as wards also have skins, such as the Sad Mummy Ward, Armordillo Ward and the Utf Triumphant Ward.
  • Hextech Chests and Keys: A recent addition to League of Legends is Hextech crafting – allowing players to unlock randomised ingame content. Keys are earned by winning games, with the option to buy keys and chests using RP. If you’re feeling lucky, you can use your free rp earned here to buy chests and keys.
  • IP and EXP Boost: Buy double IP and EXP boosts using our Free Riot Points generator, to unlock ingame champions and levels faster. Especially useful for smurf accounts to reach level 30 as quick as possible!

Okay, how do I get started?

To get your favourite free lol skins, click here to use our generator. Once the page loads, you will see a box labeled “Enter your League of Legends Summoner Name”. Enter your own or friends ingame league name, and select the region that your account is related to. After waiting a second or two, you will see the result of your last 4 games, just to confirm this is your account. Click “Continue” and a slider will appear, this will represent the amount of Riot Points to be applied to your account.

Typically, I slide the bar all the way to 1500 Riot Points, but you can choose as little or many as you like. Once you have completed this step, press the button labeled “Generate”. This process typically takes 30 seconds, sometimes longer when we experience high traffic, due to the popularity of our service.

You can use our chat feature while you wait, and chat with other excited League of Legends players. A box will appear to verify that you are human, and by clicking you promise you're NOT a representative of Riot Games or League of Legends. Press thr button labeled “Verify” and follow the onscreen instructions. This process typically takes 30 seconds and is very straightforward to complete.

League of Legends Skins

Benefits of using a League of Legends generator

  • No cost: Don’t fall for other peoples generators that trick you to buy products, or download malicious software. We offer a completely free service, to get the points you need.
  • Simple: The whole process will take no more than 2 minutes, with clear instructions onscreen. We have spent a long time developing this (over 1 year), to give you the best user experience.
  • It works too! Our service actually works. One unique point about our service is it delivers time and time again, whilst also being completely legal. You will face no legal problems using our service, nor will your account be at any risk from hacking or bans. You can read more about Riot Points via our blog.


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  • langan - October 23, 2017

    Your League Generator is awesome! Thanks so much

    proistak - October 24, 2017

    Yeah man I can't believe this is a thing. Rito will be so mad lmao

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    Bro I'm so happy I found this. SOOO many others weren't working for me I was triggered. Cheers bro I really mean it

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